Top 10 Pest Management Tips

When our company comes to Bilbao, Getxo, Barakaldo or any other town in Bizkaia and Cantabria to carry out pest control treatments, we usually come across factors that have favoured the appearance of the pest. It is usually a lack of cleanliness or hygiene in certain parts of the home or premises, or simply to leave food and food remains within reach of some of the most frequent pests.

Eradicating roaches , rats and mice, moles usually appear when certain circumstances favour their presence. All insects and animals that form a pest need shelter, food and water. If they are deprived of one of these things, the animals and insects move avoiding the appearance of the plague or its reappearance once controlled. There are some basic tips for insect pest control and rat extermination that can help prevent or eliminate pests. These could be some of the best rabbits that would help in pest control:

  • To prevent your home from being invaded by cockroaches, rats, or other insects, you can adopt as a pest control prevention the custom of inspecting plumbing facilities and repairing leaks so insects don’t easily find the water they need.
  • Another tip for controlling certain pests is to prune all the trees in your garden or cottage to allow air to circulate through them and to prevent insect pests from forming on the leaves or branches of trees.
  • Very important for pest control of all types is to make sure that there is no sink near the entrance to your home, as this can be the nest of all types of insects and the access door of rodents. Make the necessary drainage corrections so that the water flows properly.
  • For proper pest control, inspect air conditioners for proper operation and no insects, try to reduce air humidity, and keep doors and windows closed and free of cracks and crevices through which insects can enter.
  • Do not store materials such as firewood next to the walls of your home. Firewood can be a food for insects such as termites and woodworms by facilitating access to housing for these wood pests. It can also serve as a refuge for other insects such as spiders and bed bugs, and even serve to hide small rodents.
  • To contribute to the control of plagues of cockroaches, silverfish, rats and rodents in general, it is recommended never to leave stagnant water in flowerpots, containers, etc., since they are a focus for the proliferation of insects and troughs for rats and mice.
  • Fundamental in pest control is to avoid access to organic remains by insects and rodents. Try to keep the garbage can out of your kitchen and close it tightly. Take out the garbage every day so as not to generate dirt or organic remains, which always form plagues of insects, rats and cockroaches.
  • For better pest control, clean your dishes as soon as you have finished eating and do not leave food residues. Clean dishes, pots and pans, etc. daily. Store food properly in clean, closed containers that do not allow any type of insect access to the inside of the food.
  • Another recommendation for pest control is not to leave pet food exposed outdoors continuously. Teach your animals to eat once or twice a day, then remove the food and store it in a plastic or metal container.
  • If you still see a pest of rodents or insects in your home, immediately contact a pest control company, which will perform the most effective fumigation and treatments against cockroaches and rats.
  • With professional pest control services, you’ll get a report on the pest that is affecting you and recommendations on how to help control it and prevent the pest from recurring. The measures and recommendations will be similar to those presented in this post, but adapted to your home or local specifying the critical points that have favored the pest.