Natural Ants Control

Are ants invading your garden? Fortunately, there are easy and accessible elements to control these annoying bugs. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on chemical products, which most of the time are extremely toxic and not only for ants, we are going to see some home remedies that are very useful when controlling ants.

Remedies to naturally scare off these insects without anyone being harmed in the process.

1. Lemon juice

For ease of use, pour it into a sprinkler container and spray it wherever you see ants pass. The acid disturbs their sense of orientation.

2. Cinnamon

Whether in powder or oil, cinnamon also serves to keep ants away from a certain area. Some people use it in combination with nails.

3. Pepper

Preferably as oil.

4. Borax, sugar, and water

Borax (sodium borate) is readily available in cleaning products and drugstores, especially as it is a household cleaning aid that has been used in the past. In the case of plagues, the best thing is to mix it with sugar and water, taking care that there is an easy paste to spread in the corners where ants are seen. When it dries, it must be renewed.

5. Boiling water and soap washer

But not for ants, but in your containers and kitchen utensils, jars and other objects that by their content or waste can attract ants.

6. Diatomite (diatomaceous earth)

In general terms, diatomite is fossilized algae that are commonly used as fertilizer. It is available in stores specializing in garden products and its effectiveness has also been proven on other insects such as fleas and spiders. Likewise, it is only spread in places where ants pass.

7. Gis

Crossing a line seems to be a difficult gesture for ants as well, especially when the line is drawn with chalk.

8. Baking soda and sugar

Before this mixture, the ants flee, probably because they learn that it is harmful to their bodies.

9. Coffee beans

Some people have succeeded in placing coffee beans at strategic points.

10. Corn flour

Apparently, cornmeal is also effective against an ant invasion. It should also be spread along the usual insect pathway.

11. Vinegar

During a season replace the liquid with which you clean your floors with a solution of water and vinegar, preferably white so that the ants leave your home in a very short time.