What Do I Need To Know Before Renting an AC?

What Do I Need To Know Before Renting an AC?

In recent years, the tent air conditioning industry has seen a growth in popularity. Each year, the demand for tent air conditioner rental for special events has increased. In addition, experiential marketers and event planners are always on the lookout for the “next big thing.” To take advantage of this growing market, you need to have an air-conditioning solution ready for your next event. This article will discuss what to look for in a tent-air conditioner rental.

Determine your cooling needs

The first step in choosing a suitable tent air conditioning unit is determining your cooling needs. You’ll need approximately one ton of cooling per four to six hundred square feet of space for indoor events. Once you have determined the number of people attending, you’ll need to figure out the best solution. For outdoor events, misting fans are an option that will reduce the temperature inside a tent without leaving the tent uncomfortably humid.

Make sure you can also add fans to your tent

If the weather is only mildly warm, make sure you can also add fans to your tent. These units can circulate the air and keep your guests cool. You can rent portable evaporative cooling systems for events with a low-temperature limit. These devices can disperse cool mist up to 100 feet away. These portable air conditioners do not consume electricity and quickly disperse cool air. These units are not ideal for formal events because they can cause too much discomfort.

Consider the cost

Prices for tent air conditioner rental vary depending on the size and location of the event. A single unit can cost hundreds of dollars, and a few other factors will affect the price. Other factors to consider include delivery and pick-up fees, event technician costs, and electrical or generator power. You may also need to hire a specialist event cooling company to provide the cooling you need for the event. There are various other options for renting a tent air conditioner for outdoor events.

Choose one that has all of the features that make an event more pleasant

When choosing a tent air conditioner for rent, you should choose one with all the features that make an event more pleasant. Many tent air conditioners come with a misting fan, also famous for outdoor events. For more information about what to look for in a tent air conditioner, please contact the company. They will be happy to help you find the best rental option for your event. Once you have decided on the perfect cooling solution, you’re sure to enjoy your event.