Watch Out for These Things When Promoting Art

Watch Out for These Things When Promoting Art

Art is something that cannot be appreciated by all. You will see a lot of people looking at your art like a zombie because they pay so much attention to details that it seems that they have fallen in love with it. While some people take a look, give a laugh and walk past by it. That is why you see very limited people in an art exhibition because they these exhibitions are visited by the people who are really interested in arts. But there are some people who call themselves artists by just putting a banana on a canvas and sticking it up with a duct tape. Such arts are for laughs. Nevertheless, you will want to promote your art and here are some things to watch out for promoting it.

Don’t Criticize Unless Asked: when you look at an art work, you really want to give your opinion and some artists have put everything in their art work and your opinion can seem to them as a critique and they can feel bad. So, always keep the thoughts to yourself, even if it is about your painting.

Don’t Spam: if you have a Facebook or an Instagram page where you promote your art work, then make sure that you post your work in a way that it does not irritate people. if you keep posting all the work at the same time, then people will get irritated of the post from the same page and they will unfollow you. try to upload 2 or 3 posts in a week

Trademark: do you know why there are so many copies of Mona Lisa? This is because it did not have a trademark and people made a lot of copies of it unless it was given a copyright. That is also why you need to make a copyright and a trademark for your work so that no one copies it. Though allow the artists to copy your work for practice but they must give credits and always guide about how to buy art supplies in Dubai online.

Ignore Insensitive People: sometimes the people who don’t like art also visit the exhibition for free drinks and they usually insult the art work and if you hear someone talking loose about your paintings then try to avoid them because they are not worth even of your second.